Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party Animal

Alexander has been going to a lot of parties lately. He has made such great friends at school this year and many of them have birthdays in October. This was one of his favorite parties at Bouncing off the walls. He had such a great time and can't wait to go again.

Superman and Batman

Superman and Batman are the best of friends and great brothers too. I love my little superheros. They always know just how to save the day. A smile, a silly face, a hug and a kiss, just a few things superheros are great at doing.

Photoshoot with Alexander Fox

People have made comments that I am not in many of the pictures I post. I was lucky enough to run into a photographer that wanted to snap some shots of Jaxon and me. His name is Alexander Fox. Alex and Jaxon both love taking pictures and they do a great job. They are really giving their Tio (Uncle Greg) a run for his money. (Greg is a real professional) Watch out Tio the Fox boys are great photographers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Friends at School

Just a quick picture of Alexander and his friend Noah playing at school.  The JCC has the most awesome playground ever! Alexander loves playing there with all his friends, especially Noah.   He is such a nice boy and he loves trains, cars and fire engines as much as Alexander does.
He also has a little brother named Ben that is the same age as Jaxon.  The four boys really enjoy playing together.
We are very happy to have met their family.

First Day of Snow

Sunday was a big snow day at our house.  They boys were so excited to go out and play.  I was so sad that the warm weather is gone and I am back to shoveling the driveway.  
The boys had a great time and I did enjoy watching them play.  Jaxon and Jason played a game of snow baseball.  Alexander was busy with the garden tools, digging the snow.  He also made sure Skyrocket our only tree was not too weighed down by the snow.

Staying Informed

Jaxon loves to read.  While we waiting for Alexander to finish school, Jaxon took the opportunity to read the school newspaper.  I thought this was a great shot of him reading, he is so serious.  It was a very interesting article.  

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Growing too fast!

Today was the first day of snow, a little too early for me.  I have not had to dress the boys in their warm clothes until today.  We decided to go to the library so I grabbed sweat shirts for the boys on our way out.  
Alexander wanted to wear sweat pants that were a little too small, they looked like sweat pant capris. The big white socks under his capris with sandals added a nice touch too.  He also insisted on wearing his new snow hat from Nana and a train shirt that is almost too small.  I thought all of this would be fine because his sweatshirt will hide most of the outfit.  When we arrived at the library Jason took Alexander out of the car and started to put on his sweatshirt.  "Alex, I think this is Jaxon's sweatshirt, where is yours?"  Jason asked.  "Dad, this is mine." Alex replied.  
I came around the car to see Alexander in a sweatshirt that is now way too small, it would not even zip up.  All I could do was laugh, he looked like the cutest homeless child in the world.  I had to take a picture of my BIG boy.  I can't believe how fast he is growing.  
Despite the mismatched, too small outfit, he looked so darling.  His confidence, love, glowing spirit, not to mention killer dimples and eyes make him a standout in anything he wears.  I love you my Big buddy.  

Little Blue Monsters

Yesterday the boys wanted to paint.  They started in the kitchen painting their cars.  Jaxon decided he needed to paint his face.  He is after all, a super hero, and super heros need their faces painted.  
After about a half hour of painting inside they wanted to
 paint outside.  Alexander informed me "Mom, we need to paint some rocks." 
I thought this
 was a great idea and it started out innocent enough.  I ran inside for a minute to change the laundry, when I came back out I found two little blue monsters.   The boys
 decided their scooters needed new paint jobs and their paint brushes were too small so they had to use their hands.  
It was a great time for me to get out the camera and laugh.  The boys went straight into the bath, luckily it was washable paint.  The bathtub was bright blue when they were finished.  That is what I get for trying to do the laundry!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mom, what is this?

Today was a great Sunday.  Alexander and Jaxon were playing so well together which was allowing me to get some much needed deep cleaning done around the house.  
The boys were upstairs in the playroom and I was downstairs cleaning.  Alex came down and in a very happy voice asked, "Mom, what is this?"  I turned to look at him and found him naked and covered from head to toe with diaper rash cream.  
They found a tube in the bathroom upstairs and decided to paint each other.  
Jaxon was very proud, as he came downstairs to show me he yelled, "Look, Mom, I look like a dancer!"
I am not sure what kind of dancer he is thinking about.  All I could do was laugh and take a picture.  I am still laughing as I write this because I let Jason put them in the bath to wash off the cream.  I can hear Jason saying, "Why won't this stuff come off?"    Diaper cream repels water, so it is very hard to wash off.  I am laughing because I can enjoy their little mess while Jason is working hard to clean it up.  What a great husband I have!

Friday, October 3, 2008

New Lunch Boxes

The boys are so lucky to have a Nana who is in the "know".  She is always sending the boys the newest and coolest books, foods, clothes and toys.  It is a big party when a package from Nana arrives.  Alexander has the scissors out before I can bring the box inside. 
I just came across these pictures of the awesome retro lunch boxes she sent a few weeks ago.  So far no lunch had been inside of them, but they have gone everywhere with the boys.  They are just the right size for super heros and cars!  We love them, and we love our Nana!

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