Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boys, Boys, Boys!

Our boys were so excited to have a play date with the "Scotty Godown Boys". They played super heros, colored, and even went on a treasure hunt. They had so much fun and can't wait to have them over again.

Sleepy Boys

It was an eventful weekend the boys were exhausted.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bug Camp

Some of our very best friends Emmye and Kolton put on a Bug Camp this week. All of our boys were so excited to be able to go. It was a very fun camp. The boys looked for bugs, had story time, made caterpillars and ate yummy treats. They are already asking when the next Bug Camp will be. Great job Smith Family!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aaaawwww I am 6!

August 5th Alexander turned 6 years old! He took this picture of himself. I love it because he is usually pretty serious but this day he was acting silly. He is such a complex little soul. He is so smart and funny, caring and loving. We are so blessed to have him in our family. He brings such a warm light into our home and hearts. The last 6 years have just flown by, but we have tried to enjoy every minute we have with our "baby Alex". Happy Birthday Buddy, Mom and Dad love you so much.

My 2 Daynes

Alexander Dayne and Dayne Xavier cuddling before bed. They love each other so much. It goes without saying that Jason and I adore them completely. We love they way they love each other.

Dayne insisted on wearing a bicycle helmet and baseball glove to bed. I suppose those thing could come in handy. You know, just incase you want to play ball or protect your head while sleeping.

2 teeth gone!

Alexander has lost 2 teeth in the last 2 months. He already has 2 "grown up" teeth in the place where the baby teeth came out. I have no pictures of him with holes in his mouth. I am sure I will in the future when the top teeth come out. But for now this is the best one we have.
The story of how they came out is a fun one. He wanted to do something exciting to pull them out so we tried a few experiments.
1-tying the tooth to an electric train - failed
2-tying the tooth to a race car on an electric track - failed
3-tying the tooth to a ball and sending it through the pitching machine - failed
4 -tying the tooth to his finger while he was playing basketball - failed
5-tying the tooth to his big toe while he was watching a movie and not paying attention then making him jump off the chair quickly - SUCCESS
The tooth came out and the tooth fairy visited our house that evening.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Jason turned 40 on August 1st! Alexander and Jaxon were so excited to make Jason a special crown that he could wear on his special day. They also helped make his favorite cupcakes.
Kayvon and Josh came up that night with an awesome dinner.
We all love Jason so much and were so happy to spend his special day with him. He is an amazing husband, father and friend.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Baseball Black & White

The Bee

Alexander and Jaxon love to see the Bee. His name is actually Bumble, which we learned when he signed the boys hats. Dayne is NOT a fan of Bumble. He is happier when the giant bee is far away.

Water Day at the Gallivan

Radio Disney recently sponsored a Water Day at the Gallivan Center. With the temperature being close to 100 the idea of cooling off with some water sounded great.
The big boys, Alexander, Jaxon and Jason, loved the free water guns. Dayne enjoyed the free frozen yogurt pops, he even ate Alexander's.
My favorite part was the fire engine spraying the children. I remember reading a Sesame Street book when I was young where the children ran in the spray of water from the hose of the fire engine. It was very exciting for me to finally be able to do it and being with my family made it that much better. Seeing my boys faces light up when they saw the water was priceless.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Parade Preview Party


HELP! There is a monkey in our car!

Posing while sleeping

Dayne fell asleep in this adorable pose so I just had to snap a picture. I am sure he will appreciate it when he is older.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


After a fun day of swimming Jaxon wanted to do a little rock climbing. He is still just like spiderman and climbs to the top without trouble. Dayne wanted in on the action too. He still needs a little work.

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