Saturday, January 31, 2009

Care Bear Fun

The other night we had dinner with the Harding family. Ian made the most delicious meal, he is a great cook. The boys love going over there to play with Jacob and Paisley. Paisley is Alexander's "girlfriend". He knew it was love when he saw her care bear collection. She even had a care bear movie they watched while using their care bears for pillows.

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We are the Fox family. Jason (aka. Dad) Alisa (aka. Mom), Alexander (aka. big brother), Jaxon (aka. Big/Little brother) and Dayne (aka. Baby brother) Oh, and we can't leave out Alana (aka. Big sister, little sister, helper, one of those) We have 1 dog named Julius and one little cat, Pandora. We are blessed to have an amazing extended family, a couple of adopted extended families and some really great friends.