Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zack's birthday

We went to Granstville for Zack's birthday. Alexander and Jaxon love playing with Zack. They played outside all afternoon and had such a great time. These boys play so well together. We are so lucky to have such great cousins.

H is for Haylie

All of our boys love to go to Granstville to play with their cousins. They really love playing with Haylie. She is always so cute with them. I used to play with her when she was a baby and now it is fun to watch her play with my babies.
Whenever we work on letters with Alexander and get to the letter "H" he always reminds me that "H is for Haylie"
We are so thankful for her and sure do love our Haylie!

Joining the Force

"Here is your light saber Yoda, use it wisely."
"Careful, I am on the same team."

"Luke Skywalker is down."

Dayne has officially joined the "Force". Alexander and Jaxon love playing Star Wars with their light sabers and now so does Dayne.
Alexander aka. Luke Skywalker, was kind enough to give "Yoda" aka Dayne his blue light saber to play with. The Force is with these Fox boys. They love to play together. We love them.

Spring Time in Utah

It is April, time for spring and snow! It is hard to believe that the day before this picture we were at the park in shorts and t-shirts. Utah has crazy weather.

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