Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Show & Grandparent Lunch

Alexander's school put on an art show, showcasing art work done by the children.  It was such a fabulous exhibit. I love the JCC and how much thought they put into making their students feel special.
The day of the exhibit they had a Grandparent luncheon.  The children were able to eat lunch with their grandparents then enjoy the art show together.  Alexander was very excited to take his Mema.   The minute he saw her in the parking lot he shouted, "You look pretty, Mema!"  He is such a gentleman.  During their lunch he leaned over to his Mema and said, "I am so happy to be with you."  Needless to say Mema said she felt very important and very loved. 

Mema and Alexander                                                                                   



Under each piece of art was the artist's picture and a paragraph written by the artist. 
Alexander's was this:
"I like painting.  I'm special because of my mom, dad and Nana and Poppi.  The favorite part of my face is my eyeballs.  My Care Bears make me happy.  I want to be a basket ball player."

Alexander's class also did a class art project.  He was very proud!

Rock Climbing

Jaxon is taking a rock climbing class at the JCC, and he loves it!  He is a natural, always climbing on anything he can find.  His teacher Molly said she was very impressed with him.  She had never seen anyone as small as Jaxon make it all the way to the top of the wall.  We were very proud of him.  I love the class because even though he is climbing so high, I know he is safe.  

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dayne in the Playroom

Today I took Dayne with me to help clean up the playroom.  
The boys were so excited to "play" with him.  
He actually loved being on the floor.  I am not sure if it was the bright colors or the sound of his big brothers that he enjoyed, but he was so happy to be there.  
We all look forward to many more days in our playroom.  

Marker Fun

Most children draw on themselves one time in their lives.  Jaxon decided to take it to a whole new level.  This is how I found my little "power ranger".  He thought it would be a good idea to draw a costume on his body instead of actually wearing one.  The only good part of this idea is that he used washable marker.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Uncle Jiggs

Saturday afternoon Dayne took a nap with his "Uncle Jiggs".  My Mom's dog was a little jealous of the baby sleeping on her so he had to get in on the action too.  Jaxon jumped up next.  He wanted to be by his Mema too.  Luckily, for my Mom's sake, Alexander was busy playing in "his apartment"  so he didn't need to sit on her lap.  Mema is really going to need to invest in a bigger chair soon.

Happy 3rd Birthday Jaxon

It is hard to believe it has been 3 years since Jaxon was born.  My little superhero is getting so big.  He is an amazing child and brings such a dynamic energy to our family.  
He has quite a few nicknames around our house, I thought it would be fitting to name some.
Jackie - given to him by Alexander
Red Ranger - given to him by the Blue Ranger (Alex)
Dewey - the name "Shane" calls him (Alex)
Hunter - the name is brother "Blake" calls him (Alex)
Spidey - the name we call him when he is wearing the spiderman costume, which he wore last year for 3 months
Darth Vader - when he is that costume
Froggy - the name we call him when he is swimming in the bathtub with his brother the Toad.
Napolean - the name Daddy calls him at 2:00am when he wants a milk shake just the right way and shouts his orders from the bedroom.  "To the top, Daddy, all the way up, no I want to put the top on."
Little Savage - the name Daddy and Uncle Robbie call him when he is "wrestling" with them.
JoJo, Jakudus, JG - a few from Daddy
Jaxon Gregory! - The name Mom or Dad shout when he is in trouble.  

No matter what we call him, we are so happy he is part of our family.  Jaxon Gregory Fox is such an amazing boy.  He is so sweet and loving, tough and stubborn, strong and smart, happy and healthy, athletic and artistic.  He is one of a kind and we love him so much!
Happy Birthday to our superhero boy, we are proud and honored to be your parents.

Big brother Jaxon

Jaxon was so excited to finally be a big brother and is turning out to be a great one.  Dayne, or as Jaxon calls him Xavie, is so lucky to have him. 
Jaxon loves to pick out just the "right "diaper when it is changing time.  He loves to cuddle and give the baby kisses and hugs.  He is a super hero big brother!

Rock and Roll

Jaxon trying the "eyes closed upside down play technique"
Alexander and Paisley jamming out
Rock and roll

Our great friend Ian had our family over for dinner, he made his famous spaghetti, it is so delicious. After dinner the kids decided to have a little dance party. Ian was the DJ and he decided to make the party really fun so he brought out his smoke machine and light disco ball. It was one awesome party!

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Big Brother

Alexander has always been a great big brother to Jaxon. He is so excited to be a big brother again. He loves and adores his baby Dayne Xavier. He knew before all of us that Dayne or as he called him at first "Ted" was coming to be with us. He really does have a special connection with his new baby brother. We named Dayne after his big brother Alexander Dayne. We just never go into the name Ted and thought Dayne was more fitting.
It is amazing to watch his face when he holds the baby. I love to listen to him sing his made up songs to the baby too.
His teachers at school made him a special big brother crown, which he wore while "helping" out around the house.
Jason and I are both so blessed to have Alexander as our oldest son and his brothers are so lucky to have him for a big brother.

Bowling before the Baby

The weekend before baby Dayne was born we took the boys bowling. We had such a great time. The boys had to pick out their outfits and decided on matching "bowling" shirts. They really looked cute and quite professional.
Jaxon had a hard time waiting for his turn, but loved chucking the ball down the lane. After each turn he would put his hands in his pockets and swagger back, he is so cool!
Alexander was more patient and got into trying to hit the most balls. He got his first strike and the ball didn't even touch the bumpers. His last game he scored 110! I was so impressed and so was his Uncle Roe who just happens to be a real professional bowler. He asked if Alex was ready to go on tour with him. Maybe in a couple of years.

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