Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our LaLa is 21!

Haircuts at home

About a week ago Alexander decided he want his head shaved just like Dad's.  So we all went outside and Jason and Rob helped shave Alexander's head.  Jaxon watched and insisted on having his done too.  I was a little hesitant, but after being reminded that it will grow back, I gave in.  
Jason shaved his head too.  All three Fox boys have the same haircut, and they look so handsome. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alexander the Bug Lover

Alexander has really been into bugs lately. After Fred the butterfly, he has been on a quest to find a pet that won't fly away. A few days ago a fly landed on his hand and crawled up and down his arms. "Look it is my new pet Fred-Up" Jason and I were both amazed that this fly, Fred-Up, stayed on Alexander for long. We began to think Alexander was the fly-whisperer. Finally, he had to push the fly off and it flew away.
The next day Alex found a rolley-polley bug. "Look it is my new pet his name is Fred-Down."
He is very creative with the names.
Last Wednesday while I was teaching dance the boys played at my mom's house. They love to help her water her lawn and flowers. After watering, Alexander found three new pet snails. Yes, they had to come home with us, after all they are his new pets. He loved to let the snails crawl all over his arms. It is pretty gross the line of slime they leave as they go. But he loves it!
He was a little upset that they could not eat lunch on the table with the rest of our family. (I have to draw a line somewhere.) The snails named, Ed, Ted and Clara Bell really enjoyed playing outside in the water. One had an unfortunate accident when he was thrown in the air a bit too high. The others crawled away in the night, probably to find Fred-Up, Fred-Down or maybe just Fred.

Two little Monkeys

I was vacuuming the basement while the boys were playing.
They both went into the workout room to "exercise".
When I checked on them I found them practicing their new move on the treadmill.
After a quick lecture on why hanging upside down on the treadmill is not safe, I thought we should at least get a picture to document their awesome moves. What cute monkey boys!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Haylie!

Last weekend we went to Grantsville to celebrate one of our favorite cousin, Haylie's birthday.  She turned 12.  The boys love her, she always plays with them, and she is really pretty too.  
The boys love going to Grantsville to play with all of their cousins.  They had a great time playing with Zackary's trains and his swing set.  They really enjoyed trying out the Karaoke machine as well.  They have so much fun, it is nearly impossible to get them to leave.  

Boys in the Backyard

My three favorite boys in the whole world were playing outside in our backyard.  I love them all so much.   The first picture is their happy faces, and the next is their mean faces.  My favorite thing to do is kiss their faces.   


Friday, July 18, 2008

Swimming Fun

Last weekend we took the boys swimming at Robbie's pool.  We all had so much fun.  
Alexander is such a dare devil when it comes to swimming.  He was doing awesome cannon balls off the side.  He even invented his own "Spinner Jump", it was fabulous!
Jaxon was a bit more timid about the water.  Finally, I really didn't think he would ever be cautious.  I was happy he wanted to hang on Dad the whole time.  
We can't wait to go cool off again.  Thanks to Rob for inviting us. 

Salute to the Flag

I finally took our giant flag down from the 4th of July.  Alexander and Jaxon were both upset, they loved it hanging from our stairs.  I promised we would put it up next year.  
Before we took it down we practiced saying the Pledge of Allegiance, which Alexander always finishes with, "please sit down".  I think he learned that in school. 
We also practiced saluting.  Unfortunately, this was the only picture I took of Old Glory.  She is beautiful, and that boy in front saluting is too!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fireworks on our front steps

Jason, Alexander & Jiggs Logan, Alana & Al Yuen
Fun with Sparklers

Watching the fireworks
Jenna, LauraAshley & Jaxon

We are so fortunate to live right next to the Eaglewood Golf Course. Every 4th of July they have a spectacular fireworks display. We watch from our front steps. This year Mema, Rob, and the Yuen family came over to watch with us. It was so much fun.
Al Yuen grilled a dinner that was so delicious, we are still talking about it! The boys love hanging out with LauraAshley, Logan and Jenna. They all took turns with sparklers.
The firework display was amazing, both Alexander and Jaxon loved watching. This was the first year we didn't have to hold Alexander's ears. "I like loud fireworks now Mom!"
We had so much fun, we can't wait until next year.

4th of July

Our neighborhood had a patriotic parade to celebrate the 4th. This year Alexander and Jaxon wanted to be in the parade so they decorated their four wheelers. Nana had sent great decorations to the boys, they were perfect for the parade. Alexander used the traditional red, white and blue, but Jaxon insisted green was a suitable color too. They did a great job decorating.
Driving in the parade was a bit scary, the four wheelers don't have brakes. Jason, Rob, Alana and I ran along side the boys to help prevent any accidents. The parade was a success and a real blast.
After the parade, one of our neighbors hosted a giant party. They have a fabulous swimming pool, once Alexander spotted it, he had his clothes off and was swimming away.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Brady!

Our fabulous friend Brady is 30! He had a great afternoon garden party for his big day, the food was amazing! The cakes (yes he had about 4) were so delicious. It was the perfect party, Jason and I had a great time. We love you Brady.

Go Utah!

This picture was taken the last day of soccer practice. The boys played at the University of Utah.

Cooling off!

It was a hot Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. The boys found a big pile of ice to cool off in. Jaxon' was sporting his new red sunglasses from Nana. They are too cute!

Fred is now a Butterfly

About a month ago, while playing in the park, Alexander found a caterpillar. He named him Fred. "He is my new friend, he is a part of our family."
We decided to take Fred home with us. On the way home Alexander was in the backseat holding and talking to his new friend. "This is our car, Fred." "This is our street, it is called Elk Hollow" "Fred, I am so happy you are in our family." "Fred here is our house."
Once inside, Alana helped Alexander make him a little home. The next morning when we came down to check on Fred we were so excited to see he had made a cocoon.
Every morning Alexander would check on Fred in his cocoon. And then it happened! Fred, the Butterfly popped out of the cocoon. It was so exciting, he was so beautiful.
Jason helped take Fred outside to let him stretch his wings. Alexander was very excited to see him fly, at least until he flew away. It was very upsetting. Alexander was so sad that his buddy Fred, had flown away. After explaining to him that Fred just wanted to go see his other Butterfly family and he would always come back to visit, Alexander calmed down.
Now every Butterfly we see Alexander exclaims, "There is Fred!" or "There is Fred's mom!"
It was such an awesome experience to have in our family. I think that every time any of us see a butterfly we will think of Fred.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Spa Fox

A few days ago I decided give myself a little facial. The boys were in the bath watching me. Once I had green mud covering my face, they became really interested. "We want a mask!", they both exclaimed. They both looked pretty cute in their mud masks!

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