Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Their First Rodeo!

Grandpa Dale visited this past week. We were all really excited to see him. While he was here he gave the boys two Wonder Horses. They are easily over 30 years old, but still in great shape!
Alexander named his horse Dice. Jaxon named his horse Tony. It is fun to hear Jaxon say Toooww-neee. He has a way of dragging his w
ords that is so cute!
Both boys are great cowboys. They yell all the required comments when riding, "Yee-haww!" "Ride-em Cowboy!"
One thing we know for sure, this will not be their last Rodeo!
Thanks Grandpa Dale, we love you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Childrens Museum

This past week Alana and I took the boys to the new Sesame Street exhibit at the children's museum. It is designed to teach about the body.

The boys loved it, especially the machine that talked about poop! What can I say they are boys.

They loved seeing all the characters and playing in Elmo's world. Our favorite comment of the day was by Alexander, "Mom, I may be a little a-frightened of Cookie Monster." Good thing Cookie Monster was a no-show.

Walking in the Mountains

This weekend we took a big walk/snowball fight on our property in emigration canyon. Jason and I have been taking the dogs up there for years, and now we love taking the boys.

The air is so fresh and clean. The snow is so deep and perfect for snowballs. Alexander's aim is getting really good. He managed to hit me right between the eyes. (it is a good thing his hands are still small, the snowball wasn't too big)
Jaxon is a great snowball fighter too. He did not want to stop when it was time to get in the car.
After our walk, Alexander suggested we go to Hires for lunch. It was a great idea! We love spending time together as a family. We always have such a great time. Doing simple things and making major memories.

I love this picture. The love and security of holding Daddy's hand.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Messy Boys!

It is now February and the snow is still falling.  We have been doing a lot of indoor playing.  
The boys are very much little boys, full of fun and lots of trouble.  It is a good thing they are so sweet and cute, or they might just have to go live with the indians.  (that is where my mom was going to send me when I was misbehaving)
Today Alexander and Jaxon thought it would be a great idea to color the playroom walls with crayon.  They did a nice job!  They only left one wall without any coloring.  They also stayed with the color scheme of the room, red, blue and green.  The clean up process was fun for the first 5 minutes.  Jaxon tired of cleaning first.  Alexander cleaned until the job was done.  

If that was not enough fun for one day, they also thought it would be exciting to help Julius (our dog) pull apart a pillow.  "But Mom, Julius likes the fluffy cotton all over, it is fun for his sharp teeth." Alexander exclaimed with a smile and two fists full of cotton.  I was glad it was a cheap toy pillow that I was happy to get rid of.

We are still not finished.  The box of fig newtons would have been a great snack for the entire family to enjoy for the next week.  Instead the boys thought they would make giant fig newton sandwiches for themselves and our dogs.  So nice of them to share.  The entire bag was gone after purchasing them just 2 hours before.  Don't worry, I am a mom of two little boys so I knew to put the cookies high up in the pantry.  Sometimes I forget that I have a smart 3 year old who uses his athletic climbing little brother to orchestrate his masterful plans.   This was one of those times.    
So what is a mother to do when the boys go wild?!  I just grab them, hug and kiss them, then draw a funny face on them.  This helps me smile at them when they are doing their little boy deeds.  

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