Sunday, June 20, 2010

Face painting 101

It is official! Dayne has been inducted into the Fox face painting hall of fame. Alexander and Jaxon decided he need to have his first super hero mask. He loved it! Thanks again Nana, for the great face paints.

"Make sure you get a picture of the side too!"

Water Balloons

"Look Mom, these balloons look like. . . "


Car Wash

I am so lucky to have 3 boys to help wash the car. At least the bottom half of our car is super clean now. As they grow the top will eventually be cleaned too! They did a great job.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rainy Day Ball Game

I tried to talk the boys out of going to the baseball game because it was raining. They were not deterred. "We have rain coats from Nana, so we won't get wet."
I am really glad they were so persistent because we had a great time. The rain stopped just long enough for 9 innings.
We ran into a friend of mine, Scotty. His cousin was pitching for the opposing team. Scotty offered to let us sit in the extra seats next to him. They were much better than our seats so we took him up on the offer. This turned out to be a very good thing, when he caught a ball for Jaxon. Alexander already had a ball from one of the players. You know how things have to be even. Because the team won, we even received free cherry lime-aids. It was a great time at the ball park.

Dayne hoping to catch a foul ball.
Being silly with his juice straw.
These players took a liking to Alexander and gave him a ball.
Jaxon was very upset that he did not get a ball. Alexander was not amused.
Thanks to our friend Scotty, Jaxon was able to go home happy with his own ball.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dayne has captured a wild animal!

Baseball in Black & White

We love taking the boys to baseball games. All three of them really enjoy watching. This was a perfect Sunday at the ball park.

Yard Work

Alexander and Jaxon helped Mema work in her yard. All 3 boys, including Dayne, wanted to help mow the lawn. Alex was the only one strong enough to push the mower. Maybe next summer Jaxon will be able to do it.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Here are some picture of our recent trip to Lagoon.

Riding Puff the Roller Coaster
"We are higher than the trees, Mom!"
Watch out Jaxon is behind the wheel, good thing they are on a track.
This is pure excitement!
Enjoying the train. Well, at least Alex and Jaxon are having fun.
Alexander's first "big" ride with Dad. The wild mouse, it even scares the adults. He was so brave. It helped that his buddy Kolton was going on with his Dad too.

Jaxon's consolation prize for being "too small" to ride the "big" ride. He was very upset that he could not ride the wild mouse. He still needs to grow about 8 inches. "But Mom, I eat all my vegetables!" This was his sad comment when he was told he was too short.

Dayne enjoying the lemons out of our water.
What a fun day! The boys loved riding all the rides and we loved watching the joy and happiness all over their faces.

Uncles at Soccer

Jason is fortunate to have some really great friends. Josh and Kayvon aka. Uncle Josh and Uncle Kayvon are both very supportive of our family. The boys love them! It was great having them come to watch the boys play soccer. Josh even wore the team colors, how awesome is that?!

Just like the big boys

Dayne loves his big brothers and wants to do everything they do. I thought these pictures captured this perfectly. I am in no hurry for any of them to grow up too fast.

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