Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jaxon the model

Last week while waiting to pick Alexander up from school Jaxon decided he wanted me to take pictures of him. 
Jaxon directed the photo shoot with the following statements.  "Mommy, take my silly face."  "Mommy, take my mad face."  After each picture it was, "Now let me see, oh, that cute?" 
Yes, Jaxon you are one cute boy.  I love you so much!

The Circus

Last Friday we took our boys to the Circus.  I love the circus and am so happy that my boys love it as much as I do.  Kayvon was able to get free tickets for us and our great friends the Smith family. Alexander and Jaxon were so excited that Kolton and Emmye were coming with us.  They both have a huge crush on Emmye, they each wanted to sit right next to her.  Jaxon and Kolton act just like brothers pushing and pestering each other.  
We had a great time and look forward to going again next year.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jaxon the Pro Rider

Our little man in his big Fox outfit.

Getting his goggles on.
    Riding wheelies and posing for the camera just like the pros.  

Dew Tour 2008

This weekend we took our boys to the Dew Tour. The boys loved watching the BMX riders! It is amazing what those guys do on a bicycle. Alexander had a great view on Daddy's shoulders.
Alexander really enjoyed visiting all the booths and hanging with the "big" kids.
Jaxon was able to ride a real motorcycle with Professional rider Travis Marks. It was so cute, he had all the safety gear on, which just happened to be the Fox brand, too cool.
We had a great time watching Alexander and Jaxon enjoy themselves. We could not help but imagine our boys there competing in a few years. They have already started training on their skateboards and bikes. Watch out Dew Tour, the Fox brothers are coming soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

More Fun at the Fair

We had such a fun time at the fair with the boys. They loved seeing the animals and the animals were very fond of them. There was a goat that loved Alex, he put his head all the way through the gate and was licking Alexander's face. It was so gross and sweet at the same time.

First Day of School

This was the first day of school for Alexander at the JCC. He loves his new preschool and so do we. He has two teachers, Emily and Chelsea and lots of new friends. He was so excited to go to this new school he ran right into his classroom without any hesitation. We are looking forward to a great year at his new school.

Working on the Farm

Alexander shearing the sheep
Jaxon's turn
Jaxon ready to feed the cow.
Alexander milking the cow.
Picking apples from the orchard.
Driving a John Deere.
Just another day on the farm.
We took the boys to the Utah State Fair. They had an opportunity to "work on the farm" , it was so cute. They really took all of their duties seriously, from milking the cow to planting the crops.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Stockton

Last week the boys helped me babysit our friends Kayvon and Kathryn's baby.  His name is Stockton, but my boys call him Tockton.  They were really good helpers.  Alexander was teaching him colors and reading to him.  Jaxon was crawling around the floor with him and rolling balls to him.  They had a great time.  The boys loved playing with the new puppy too.
Alex and Jaxon are going to be great babysitters, when they get a little older.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Playing at Grandma Pam's

Grandma Pam and Grandpa Otto have a great backyard.  We love spending time with the entire Visser family.  Last weekend we hung out with Pam, Mac and OJ.  The boys had such a good time, playing with super heros, video games and even football with OJ.  It was great to watch little Jaxon trying to tackle giant OJ.  I think Jaxon comes up to OJ's knee cap, but he was very determined to get that ball back.  That is one thing I love about Jaxon, he doesn't realize or care that he is only 2 years old and 2 feet tall, in his mind he is a GIANT.
Alexander's favorite thing was swinging with Dad.  He loves going very high and with his Daddy there to hold his hand, he is so happy.
We love the Visser's and can't wait to get together with them again soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alexander the Baker

A few nights ago while shopping at the grocery store Alexander informed me that he really needed to buy a cake. "We need to celebrate, Mom!" When I asked him what we need to celebrate he wasn't quite sure, "Mom, we just need to have a cake to celebrate." "We will have a cake party."
The cake mix he wanted was on sale, so I really couldn't say no. He chose a white cake with sprinkles inside and cream cheese frosting. He was so excited to bake the cake, and was very disappointed when I told him he had to wait until morning.
The first thing out of his mouth when he woke up the next morning was, "Mom, I need to bake my cake." After eating a nutritious breakfast, we started baking the cake. Alex did all of the work, including cracking the eggs. He is so good at cracking eggs it is unbelievable. He read the numbers so we knew what temperature to set the oven and the timer. It was a fun and educational experience for him.
After frosting the cake we cut a piece for Alex to taste. It must have been that big breakfast that filled his belly, all that work and Alexander didn't even taste the cake!
Jaxon climbed up to take a bite when no one was looking. I had to taste it too, it was delicious, Alexander is a great baker, just like his Grandpa Dale.

Returning the Favor

Jason wanted to shave his head the other day. Alexander and Jaxon were more than happy to help him out. After all, Daddy shaved their heads a few months back.
Outside we went and off came Jason's hair. He looks great! The boys did an excellent job.

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