Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Handsome boys at the park

I feel as though I am entitled to brag about my boys on my blog.  Our boys are growing up so quickly and getting more handsome everyday.  They are such sweet and loving boys.  Jason and I are so fortunate to have them as our children.  We love you boys!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

4 generations

We love going to Seal Beach to visit Jason's grandparents.   We are so thankful that our boys are able to spend time with their great-grandparents.  

The fish on the pier

When we were walking on the pier a nice man gave Alexander this little fish.  Another fisherman kept telling Alex to put the fish in his mouth.  The hand in the shot is the fisherman's.  The look on Alexander's face was his look of defiance to the fisherman.  
Now that we are talking about opening mouths, the boys wanted to see if they could open the fish's mouth.
Success on the opening of the fish's mouth and a smile on my big boys face.  Don't worry the fish was already dead before all of this mayhem started.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ruby's on the Pier

 "Thanks for lunch  Poppy!"  

Alexander had one request while we were in California, he wanted to eat at Ruby's.  Poppy loves his "little big man" so much he took us all to Ruby's on the Pier at Seal Beach.  We just walked from Nani and Momo's.  It was so cute to see all of my favorite boys walking together down the pier.  The food was okay but the company was fabulous.  

Getting together with Griffin

Jason's best friend Dave Dieter and his wife Pilar had a beautiful baby boy named Griffin in China one year ago.  We recently went to California just so we could meet Griffin for the first time.  
The boys had such a great time being together.  We met up at Fashion Island for a fun filled day.  Auntie Berta had a pool party at her house.  We also hit up Balboa Island for more fun times.  Griffin is adorable!  Jaxon had so much fun playing and kissing him.   
We can't wait to get together again.  We love all of the Dieter's so much!  


Jaxon couldn't stop kissing Griffin

All the boys hanging out at Auntie Berta's
Dayne and Griffin on the floor

Fun times at Fashion Island

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A walk at the Wynn

On our way to California we stopped in Las Vegas.  We decided to take a walk around the Wynn and Encore Hotel.  They are both such beautiful hotels.  
We had a great time but couldn't help but notice all the stares we were getting.  People must have thought we were out of our minds to bring 3 little boys to a Casino.  We are crazy, crazy about our boys!

In and Out Again

Last week we left the rain in Utah and headed south to California.  We just had to stop at In and Out on our way.  
Alexander asked for a special hat and they gave him 3, one for each brother.  You know what that means, time for a picture.  
Jason is not wearing a hat, due to his rather large cranium.  We now know he could never get a job at In and Out.  

4 months

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