Friday, March 26, 2010

Here we go again. . .

At least he was smart enough to take his sock off first.
Thinking the smile will win me over. (nice try)
"Ok, ok, I will put the lid back on!"
He was very happy to help clean up!

Today Dayne found one of the big boys markers. He was very excited to take off his sock and color on his foot, arm and the wood floor. When I found him he was very proud of himself. He then became very upset when I took the marker away. Luckily he is a cleaner, like his Nana, and was happy to help wipe the marker off.
I can't believe he is only 13 months old! I guess we better get ready, let the good times roll.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaxon's pictures

Jaxon took these pictures at Disney on Ice and Alexander insisted that we post them on our blog. So please enjoy the cars from Cars.

Disney on Ice

Our family went to see Disney on Ice. Uncle Kayvon was so kind to get us free tickets. We had a great time. We love spending time as a family. It was awesome to see all of the Cars characters in "real life". Thanks Kayvon!

Jr. Jazz

The very first team photo for Alexander. I am sure there will be many more to follow. We love our basketball star.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Tio the cupcake thiefl

The boys Tio (Uncle) Greg came over for dinner the night of Jaxon's birthday. He brought each of the boys some great clothes. Who knew he had such good taste? Even Jaxon, the style maven, loved the clothes that his Tio picked out. It was so much fun for the boys to spend time with their Tio. This is a picture of Greg stealing Jaxon's cupcake!

Jungle Jims on Jaxon's Birthday!

Jason and I took the boys to Jungle Jims Playland for Jaxon's birthday. It was a Tuesday afternoon so the place was empty. Just perfect for riding rides! The boys had their own ride attendant that followed them to any ride they chose. Dayne even got in on the fun. We had a great day with our boys.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Jaxon loves to write his name. He practices anywhere he can. This is a picture of him practicing in the car. I love the look on his face and I love his face too.

CareBear in the Car

Alexander still loves to take his carebears with him everywhere he goes. This is a picture of him with Grumpy. We are so blessed to have our Alexander bear in our family. He is one of a kind. Jason loves the fact that Alex loves care bears. I love all the facts about our family!

Dayne's heart

This week Dayne had another check up on his heart. I try to only post happy events on our blog so I am only going to report the happy things about his check up.
He had to be sedated for the procedure, which is basically an ultrasound of his heart, but he has to be completely still.
He did not even cry when they put in his IV. He was fascinated with the wrap around his wrist. The medication they gave him was supposed to put him to sleep. The nurses were all surprised that this little guy was such a fighter, he did not fall asleep once! I guess they didn't know that even though a Fox is small they can fight better than any animal.
Jason and I appreciated the comic relief of Dayne not going to sleep, it helped to ease some of the stress. He was also very happy most of the time, which also made it easier.
Once it was time to go the Doctor strapped a monitor to Dayne which he had to wear for 24 hours. We took these pictures of him wearing his "jet-pack". Another testament to his amazing temperament, he did not fuss about this gadget tied to his body. Maybe because he thought it looked really cool, just like Jengo Fett's jet pack, or because his is just plain amazing.

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