Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Little Blue Angel

While I was talking on the phone, Jaxon decided to rub an entire tub of toothpaste on his legs. He said it made them feel good and smell "nice".
The boys are always getting into something. I was just happy that Alexander was not in on this little surprise. When he saw Jaxon's legs, he wanted some too. Sorry buddy, toothpaste is for teeth. I am always afraid to ask, "What next?"

Disney On Ice

Last Friday the boys and I went to Disney on Ice. Uncle Kayvon was able to get us 6 tickets so we brought our friends the Schiffmans. Ben is Jaxon's age and Noah is Alexander's age. All the boys get along great and their mom Mo is so much fun too.
Upon arriving at the event, Jaxon fell out of the car onto his head and had a huge bump. That did not stop him from singing, dancing and clapping along to the entire show. Alexander had such a great time too. He kept yelling at the characters, "Hey, look up here! I am up here!" I really think they heard, Alexander was sure they were waving right at him.
The boys loved the show, their favorite characters were Buzz and Woody from Toy Story. Jaxon took an awesome picture of all the characters. We had a great time and can't wait to go again next year. Thanks a bunch Uncle Kayvon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Painting by Numbers

Nana sent the boys some great paint by number kits.  They really love painting so they had to get started right away.  
Alexander started out following the numbers but then became "artistically frustrated" and needed to do his own thing.  I think it turned out rather beautiful.  Notice he even signed his name on the bottom in green.  When I asked where the "e" was in him name he said, "Mom, I used a flat E for this painting".  Can't argue with that!
Jaxon stayed more into the following the number theme.  Then he decided his body and face made for a much better canvas.   I love my little artists and they love their painting.  Thanks so much Nana we love you too!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Alexander the Hairstylist

Alexander found hair clips in my drawer and decided to give himself and our dog Midas new looks. He was very proud of himself. Midas is the best dog, he sat so still during his make-over and even posed for a picture.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Halloween

This year the boys were the Blue Ranger and the Red Ranger of Power Rangers. They picked the costumes out all by themselves. They looked super cute and very strong, notice the BIG muscles.
They started wearing their costumes the day before Halloween. A woman at Costco was "nice" enough to tell them, "Today is NOT Halloween". I was very impressed that she knew that astonishing fact and was sharing it with a 2 and 4 year old, so my reply was simple, "Oh, actually everyday is Halloween at our house."
When it was finally the real Halloween the boys were so excited. We went trick-or-treating with one of our favorite families the Smith's. When I told Alex we were going to the "Smith's" he said, "Mom, why are we trick-or-treating at the grocery store, I want to go with Kolton and Emmye."
The weather was great and the boys had a great time going door to door collecting candy. Alexander kept up with Kolton and all the big boys from the neighborhood. Jaxon had a little help from Daddy getting to the next house. We were so proud of our boys manners as each time they received a treat they said a big "thank you" without being prompted. Alexander even added a "Have a Happy Halloween!" it was so sweet and cute.
After trick-or-treating we headed back to the Smith home for lots of playing. The boys had so much fun playing with Kolton and Emmye they forgot all about their candy. Jason and I didn't mind, the boys are much happier without the sugar rush. It was me that had the sugar rush thanks to Lesley and Kelly introducing me to the best chocolate cake and caramel apple ever! Yes, they did force me to eat more than I should, I am eating for 2 you know.
We all had a great time, we are so lucky to have such great friends to spend the Halloween holiday with. We are already looking forward to next time.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A vroom on a vroom

Jaxon loves riding his 4 wheeler, he calls it his vroom. The other day while playing inside with Spiderman and a spiderman 4 wheeler, he told me he needed to put spiderman's vroom on his vroom. So we headed outside for a drive around the driveway. I thought it was pretty cute to see his little vroom on his big vroom. Spiderman had a wonderful time!

Family night for Sukkot

Alexander's school had a family celebration for Sukkot (a Jewish holiday celebrating the fall harvest) We were excited to have a night out as a family. We tried to take a few family pictures before we left. Alexander was not happy about having his photo taken. I think he was too excited to go to the party he didn't want to bother taking a photo. Once we arrived at the party he was all smiles. It was Jason that was a little disappointed. It was a Kosher dinner, which means they did not serve meat. Jason, the carnivore, needs meat with each meal. Jaxon loved shaking the lulav in the Sukkah. We all had a great time at the party.

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