Friday, August 22, 2008

Nature Hike

We found a great trail up behind our house to hike. The boys love being out in nature and looking for all kinds of creatures. I don't mind the small ones, but hope we don't run into any big ones, like the mountain lion Alexander was hoping to see. We walk all the way to the top of the mountain, the view is spectacular. Alexander walks the whole way up and slides down most of the way. Jaxon enjoys the ride on Daddy's shoulders most of the time.
The dogs love being off leash and exploring the "wild" (another one of Alexander's names for the trail)
We really love the exercise, fresh air and being with our family. It is so much fun to go for a walk in the Wild.
PS. I change out of my flip flops when we start walking.

Crazy for CareBears

Alexander found my old Care-Bears while playing at my mom's house. He is really crazy about them. We found out that Midas our "Golden-Bear Retriever" (that is what Alex calls him) loves Care-Bears too! His favorite thing to do is use them as a pillow. Midas is such a great dog, he loves to play with the boys and doesn't mind them crawling all over him.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

We went for a walk up above our house this weekend. My boys stopped to enjoy the view and I snapped this picture. Alexander looks up to his Dad and this is a perfect example of him watching every step Jason takes. I am lucky he has such a great role model.

Brotherly Love

I took this picture at the park on Saturday. The boys were being so nice to each other and playing so well. I thought I would save this for when they get older and fight worse than they do now. I can show them that they really do love each other. I hope they always remember that no matter what they will always have each other.

Train Ride with Dad

We went to Lagoon last week with the Yuen Family. Despite Jaxon being stung by a wasp as we were entering the park, we had a great time. The boys are so brave and loved going on all the rides. They were very disappointed when they were not tall enough to ride some of the rides.
We really enjoyed going on the rides when we could all be together. This picture was taken on the train. Alexander informed us it was the real James train.
We look forward to going again. Thanks for the tickets Yuen family. We love you guys.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Alexander is 4

August 5th our Alexander turned 4. It seems like just yesterday he was a little baby. Time really does go by too fast when you watch your children grow.
We our so blessed to have Alexander in our family. He is such a sweet and loving boy. He is so smart, funny and brave. He is even more brave than his parents when it comes to catching big scary spiders in the basement! He is so amazing, the way he loves and cares for all creatures.
Alexander loves being with his family and friends. He is a fantastic big brother.
He loves going to the park, playing with trains, cars, care bears and reading books. He gives the best hugs in the world! Alexander lets you know how much he loves you and we all love him so much.

From the moment he woke up on his birthday he was happy it was finally August 5th. For his birthday breakfast he ordered a fried egg, "Please put it on my special birthday plate, from Nana and Poppi." he asked. After breakfast he asked "Mom what clothes are my special birthday clothes? I need to wear them today."
Next it was off to Toys R Us to let Alexander pick out whatever toy he wanted for his special gift. Lunch at his favorite place for Mac N' Cheese. Then home to play and play.
That night Mema, Grandma Pam, Grandpa Otto, Mac and Madeline all came over for pizza and scary spider cupcakes. It was a very special day.
Alexander had a great day and received a lot of special gifts. He loved opening the giant package from Nana and Poppi!

We all love Alexander and are so proud to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday my little Toad. I love you too much! Always in all ways.

Tio's Birthday

Jason's brother Greg turned 40 on July 31st. (Jaxon Gregory is named after Greg.) Our boys call him Tio, which is Spanish for uncle. The boys love their Tio and were so excited to visit him on his birthday. They made him cupcakes and a special poster. They had a great time playing with Tio and his two crazy Venezuelan cats. We all hope it was a special birthday for Greg, we love him.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fireworks at the Bee's Game

On the 24th of July our family went to the Bee's game for baseball and fireworks.  Mema had special tickets that included dinner before the game.  The food was good but the company was the best part.  The fireworks were amazing, right over our heads.
It was a little hot and a little long but we had a blast.  Alexander met a darling 5 year old girl named Sophia.  He had to right next to her the whole time.  Jaxon sat with our friend Judy's baby Maddy, they had a great time watching the fireworks with their 3-D glasses on.  
It was such a good time being with friends and family.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

August 1st was Jason's birthday, I won't say how old he is just that I am still younger.  
The boys were so excited to help make him blueberry muffins for breakfast and a great big Happy Birthday sign.  Alexander is doing such a great job writing his name and the word Mom, he even traced our hands for the poster.  
We love Jason so much he is a wonderful husband and an amazing father.  Anyone that knows Jason is made better by knowing him.  I am so thankful for the example of compassion, humor, knowledge and integrity he is for our sons.  
Happy Birthday Jason, we all love you.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Playing with Mema

Jason and I love spending time with our boys and have a hard time being away from them. It makes us feel so good to know how much they love being with their Mema. We are very fortunate that she is close and is so willing to watch them anytime. In fact she insists that we have date night just so she can be with her boys. They have such a great time playing at her house. It is hard for us to get them to come home. I would not have it any other way.
Our boys are so lucky to have such amazing grandparents in their lives.

Our swimmer boy

Alexander has really become a great little swimmer. Of course he uses his spiderman water wings to help him along.
He is so brave in the swimming pool. He loves to jump off the diving board and do cannon balls and "spinner jumps" he even learned how to do filps with his Mema. He has loved the water ever since he was a baby, when he would laugh and shout when he had a bath. He still never wants to get out of the water. We love our little fish!

Jaxon the Superhero

Nana sent Jaxon a brand new superhero shirt with a shiny silver cape. He loves it! He jumps and
"flies" everywhere he goes. He really does look super in his new red shirt. Thanks Nana for the fabulous gift, I know Jaxon will get good use of it.

We love watermelon!

With it being so HOT outside we have really been eating a lot of watermelon. It is delicious and refreshing and our boys love it!

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